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Why this book is different

Many self-help books require the reader to REMEMBER information and CHANGE behaviour.

The problem is that humans are really bad at both.

The difference with RUN A BETTER LIFE is that we are already wired to think as runners. This means we don't need to learn anything new. Instead, we will be doing what comes naturally to us as runners, but in everyday life situations.

This is a book for runners

If you RUN it means you are already very familiar with thinking like a runner. This is important because it means you don't need to change or reinvent yourself.
Prepare to see incredible results from using your runner's mindset in everyday life.

This is a book for everyone

If you don't run, fear not. This book is still for you. Because all humans are born to run, it means that all humans are also born to THINK like a runner. Just because you do not deploy this way of thinking through running, doesn't mean you can't benefit from this book.

If you swim or cycle you will find strong parallels with a runner's mindset. And if you don't exercise at all, this book will help you uncover the power of your runner's mindset which is hardwired into all of us.

• feel satisfied every day
• achieve more with less effort
• move life forward in the direction that’s right for you
• live a happier, healthier life
• take back control
The key to human happiness is thinking and acting like our running ancestors did for millions of years.