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People Leader

Running a Corporate Life

For over twenty years I have been working with individuals, teams and global organizations to help them perform better. I have held senior People (HR) positions within some of the world’s largest organisations including General Electric, AON, Capgemini, Asda and Cable & Wireless.

By the age of 26 I was working internationally for a large global organisation and at 35 I was the youngest member of a FTSE 100 company Leadership Team. I have also held Executive Committee and Board Member roles.

I have been privileged to work across many industries including Business Process Outsourcing, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Agro-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Brewing. I have also been fortunate to have worked across most regions of the world including Europe, Asia Pacific, North & South America and the Caribbean.

Running with Leaders

Throughout my life I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with some amazing bosses and leaders. I am talking about the people who influenced my development and shaped the person I am today. They were also a tremendous source of advice, guidance and motivation for my own journey.

The leaders I had are very much part of the RUN A BETTER LIFE story, because without their influence my life would have followed a completely different path.

They basically provided the opportunities to take that next step and keep moving forward. They also inspired me in terms of being true to myself and sticking to my own values. They gave me the moral courage to do what I believe to be right, to challenge, not to conform; to stand up, to speak out, to be the change.

Recent Highlights

HRO Today : Global HR Superstar 2020

Shared Services Outsourcing Network : Transformation Impact – Finalist 2019

Skillsoft & SumTotal Global Awards : Creating Impact – Winner 2019

HRO Today : Global HR Superstar 2019

Capgemini Innovation Awards – Grand Finalist 2019

Global HRO Today – Business Partnership Excellence Award 2018

HRO Today Global HR Superstar 2018

PR& Communications European Excellence Awards – Grand Finalist 2017

SumTotal Program of the Year  – Winner 2017

Capgemini Innovation Awards – Grand Finalist 2017

James Eastwood running HR