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1. Life is a journey

Mile #1

About this mile

Change the way you think

and take more satisfaction from each day

Appreciate the journey

by moving forward each day

Be happier

and get addicted to feeling satisfied

Enjoy the Journey

A problem for many people in today’s world is that we spend too much time doing things that we don’t particularly enjoy. Too may people feel trapped in their work or life situation and set their focus on future happiness rather than taking pleasure from the moment.

But life, just like running, should not be about reaching a destination. When we run we take pleasure from the journey – this is what makes it worthwhile. It is not just about getting back home and taking your trainers off.

The first lesson and technique we can deploy from our running is learning how to ‘enjoy the journey’ of life. In this mile of the book we explore how you can live for each day and take pleasure from your life in the here and now, rather than opting to experiencing happiness at some point in the future. Learn how you can use our running mindset to find greater levels of enjoyment and happiness in our everyday life.

In this mile I will help you tap into your runner’s mindset to get more enjoyment and to feel happier with life.


Life is about a journey. Just like when we run, it should be a journey we enjoy everyday.

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