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Energy is Everything

Mile #3

About this mile

Manage your energy

not your time

Improve your performance

with less perceived effort

Achieve success and happiness

without degrading your body

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time!

Many people in today’s world simply feel as though there is too much to do. Ever increasing demands, expectations and other pressures often lead to a feeling that there is not enough time in the day. For decades, the concept of time management has been promoted – encouraging people to cram as much as possible into their daily lives. But this is not the answer!

What really matters for success and happiness is energy management, not time management.

As runners we already know this. When we race the most important factor that determines our performance on the day is how well we are able to use and preserve energy over the course. Push too hard and we will burn-out, as our bodies are not conditioned to sustain a pace beyond our ability. Take it too easy and our overall performance will suffer. It is only when we manage our energy effectively that we can deliver our maximum performance without stressing our mind and bodies.

In this mile of the book we explore how runners can use our energy management skills and deploy them in everyday life. As runners we are experts at pacing ourselves – so let’s use that advantage in all parts of our life.


Working harder does not bring success or wealth, it brings an early death.

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