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The Runner’s Bubble

Mile #4

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Stay Focused

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The Runner’s Bubble

Humans are not just descended from the great apes – we are still 96% the same according to our DNA! The one thing that most distinguishes humans from our primate relatives is our superior brain size – which gives us the ability to concentrate and focus.

However, in today’s modern society with all its distractions many people are failing to benefit from this biological and intellectual advantage. Instead of ‘thinking’, many people are acting like robots, simply consuming social media updates – and unable to find time to actually think and stay focused.

And this is a big issue, because if we cannot maintain focus on what’s important we cannot expect to move forward in that direction. We will be easily distracted from our own path.

The good news is that as runners we have not lost that ability to maintain focus and concentration. Runners are able to deploy and enjoy the gift of having incredible physical and mental abilities to maintain super high levels of concentration, determination and focus.

In this mile of the book we learn how to apply our ‘Runner’s Bubble’ mentality in everyday life and any situation. Learn how to stay focused on the path to a better life and how our running mindset can protect us from the distractions, pitfalls and challenges of today’s modern society,


…nothing is more useful than narrowness of thought combined with energy of will.

Henri Frederic Amiel

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