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Moving Forward

Mile #2

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Think like a Runner

and use your runner's mind

Every Single Day

during your daily life

Enjoy A Better Life

feeling happy and satisfied

Think Like a Runner

Most self-help books require the reader to remember stuff and then to change. The problem is that humans are really bad at both which is why most of these books fail to work. And that is where this book is different – because if you are a runner you will already be familiar with the better life techniques we will cover in the book.

Through our evolution over millions of years our Homo sapien brains have been wired for running. Our minds and bodies have been configured to make us the best endurance runners on the planet – with powerful mental skills that help us to stay in control, to keep moving forward, to preserve energy, to enjoy feeling healthy and the satisfaction that comes from exerting ourselves.

If we ‘think like a runner’ and use our runner’s mindset during the day (when we are not physically running) then we can benefit from these positive forces in the rest of our life. This means we can see life through the lens of our inner runner and take control, keep moving forward, preserve energy etc in the rest of our lives.

And as a runner, you already have what it takes – just think like a runner.


I was thinking that a life is just the history of what we give our attention to. The rest is packaging.

Edward St. Aubyn

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