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Running life (without burnout)

Mile #7

About this mile


on one really important thing


allow your body, mind and muscles to return to form


in order to achieve more

Focus, Relax, Recover

Working under pressure within large corporations or running your own business can bring long-term damage to our bodies and our health. Expectations from employers, individual workloads and stress levels are all increasing in the constant drive to deliver results. This leads to long periods of intense work, day after day, week after week which is detrimental not only to our health but also to our ability to perform. So why do it?

World class athletes do not reach the top because they do more running than anybody else. It is not about putting in more and more effort. The secret of success is in finding the optimal balance between pushing your performance higher but crucially also allowing your body sufficient time to relax and recover.

We can achieve this balance by running your day in 3 simple phases, just like athletes. You may not know it yet, but as a runner you are already familiar with the 3 phases of Focus, Relax and Recovery.  In this mile of the book we will explore how to use them in everyday life to power ourselves to a better life.

Remember – working harder is not the answer.


As much as 80% of training of elite runners is performed at a relaxed tempo which is significantly below race speed.

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