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♫ Best of 2019

30 songs to power up your running and life
Looking for some fresh songs to inspire your running?
These are my personal recommendations compiled from my 2019 playlists.

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Track notes for selected songs

COMING ALIVE is a song that is all about running for me. “It’s feels so right, I’m coming alive!”. I couldn’t describe running any better. LITTLE BOY has mysterious lyrics but I hear a song about getting through difficult circumstances and celebrating life. “It’s time to rejoice”. When running I often think of my family and friends, and BRING YOU HOME captures that inspiration and significance of running marathons dedicated to loved ones. COVERED IN RAIN makes me want to go out and run in the rain just to get wet. I don’t know why so many people in today’s world are afraid to get wet. As humans we all have water proof skin and there is nothing quite like running in the rain to re-awaken our ancestral connection with nature and the elements. OPEN YOUR EYES is 8 minutes of high-tempo inspiration to rise up and get moving. JUST SAY YES starts slow and builds gradually before exploding with “Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back”. Enough said. My interpretation of a SHORT LOVE STORY is a bit of a weird but I hear a conversation between a runner and his or her body. The internal conversation flows back and forth but it is about how our bodies can amaze us when we invest in them. “You never told me how much you cared” – the neglected body says to the runner who has suddenly discovered “the love within us”. I did say it was a weird one on my part. WORLD (THE PRICE OF LOVE) is a classic but they don’t make songs like this anyone. The way this builds up in waves and energy is incredible. WORLD AT YOUR FEET for me is song about running, not football (the song was used by the England team) – “we’ll never lose if we keep moving forward and don’t look back, with the world at your feet”. Running reminds us that as long as we are moving forward in life there is nothing we can’t do. It is also special for me as it is by Embrace, an amazing band from where I grew up. EVERY BEAT OF THE HEART was a song I reacquainted myself with after 30 years. It still sounds as fresh and relevant as ever and made it’s way onto my playlist last year. “Every beat of the heart, brings me closer to the start” makes complete sense when doing 800 metre intervals around my local Podgorze track in Krakow, Poland.