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James Eastwood (Run A Better Life) mile 1 - enjoy the journey

Mile 1: Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey


● The RUN A BETTER LIFE approach is based on 10 lessons in thinking like a runner

● Thinking like a runner – just like our ancestors did for millions of years – is the key to success and happiness in everyday life

● The first lesson (mile) of the book is ENJOY THE JOURNEY

Let’s leap in with this taste of what to expect…

Life is a journey, not a destination

When we run, we don’t do it for the single purpose of returning home, or reaching a finish line. It is the EXPERIENCE that matters as much, if not more, than arriving at our DESTINATION. In short, we run to experience running.

When we run our senses are heightened and we naturally appreciate more of the world around us, especially outdoors. We also feel satisfaction as feel-good chemicals are released in our body.

But in real life it is easy to get caught up with all our commitments, errands, tasks etc. and we can forget to live and enjoy life in the process.

When we constantly rush from one thing to the next, it leaves little room for appreciation of the journey and then our days, weeks and months start to merge into one. This is a common problem – how often do we hear people telling us they don’t have enough time?

James Eastwood (Run a Better Life) - Enjoy the journey (mile 1)
5 ways to enjoy the journey (like a runner):
(1) Remember – life is a journey, not a destination

Running is all about the experience of the journey. By adopting the same mindset (in life) we can appreciate more of the world we live in – today – rather than focusing too much on ‘goals’ or future happiness.

(2) Slow down – right now

The modern world is a hectic place, but that doesn’t mean we need to rush everywhere. We don’t have time to reflect and appreciate when we are rushing from one urgent task to the next. It’s the same when running – the faster we go and the more we exert ourselves, the less able we are to cherish what’s around us. So slow down, breathe deeply – and find a steady pace which feels comfortable so life feels more like a canter, than a series of endless sprints.

(3) Change your perspective

Instead of having fixed expectations (like a modern consumer) simply choose to appreciate as much as possible (like a runner).

(4) Appreciate small things

Just like a runner takes satisfaction and pleasure from simple stuff – like pebbles on a beach, leaves on a tree, the sound of birds, the pure taste of water after a workout – we can choose to adopt the same mentality in everyday life.

(5) Have a sense of direction

When we run we have a strong sense of purpose, increasing our satisfaction and enjoyment of the journey. If we lack a sense of direction in whatever we do in life, we will find it difficult to feel genuine satisfaction from our daily activities.

Finding a link so that the things we spend our time doing connect with an underlying personal purpose adds a sense of direction to everything we do.

The concepts in this article borrow from the RUN A BETTER LIFE mindset that I cover in more detail in my book.