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Either the day runs you, or you run the day

Either the day runs you, or you run the day


● Humans are not designed for a fast-paced, modern, hectic world full of distractions

● With too much competing for our time and attention, we end up rushing from one thing to the next

● In this situation it feels like the day is running us – rather than the other way round

● By thinking like a runner – just like our ancestors – we can regain control and run the day on new terms

The fast pace of modern life

For many years, I was working harder and longer to try and keep pace, but no matter how many hours I put in, it was not enough. Like many people in the modern world, I was either falling behind or chasing that next thing.

I didn’t have enough time for the important things – including my health, family and friends. Life was passing by too fast. I was burning out and unable to do anything about it.

But then, a few years ago now, I discovered a mindset that turned my life around. By thinking like a runner, at work and in everyday situations, I was able to increase my productivity and feel happier.

With higher levels of energy and motivation, I was able to balance a full–time corporate career with establishing my own business, writing a book, being a better father/husband and finding more time for personal interests, like running – all at the same time.

Rather than using running to escape, after a busy day, I had turned the whole thing on its head. I was now using my runner’s mindset to enhance my life, not run away from it. 

Rather than letting the day run me, I was now running the day.

The breakthrough

The breakthrough came when I began to think like a runner in my daily work and life. Things changed dramatically as I discovered I could achieve more with less effort – and feel better about myself.

I was no longer just running to recover and de-stress from a hectic life, but instead using a runner’s mentality to run life differently.

James Eastwood ( pointing to a runner's brain

After a while, friends and colleagues started asking me questions, like: James, how do you manage it all?”, ‘How do you find time?’ and “What’s your secret?”

Then it struck me – as many of us experience the same issues, challenges and problems in the modern world – that my formula may also work for other people.

The ‘Run A Better Life’ book reveals my formula and answers these questions.

Run life differently

Instead of letting the day run you, why not use your own runner’s brain to run life differently?

When we run we are naturally able to shut out distractions and take satisfaction from investing our time in what’s important i.e. moving forward, managing our energy, our health etc.

In the book, I refer to this inherent, runner’s talent as having a ‘runner’s bubble’. Imagine it as an invisible, transparent but powerful shield that enables us to stay completely focused when we are running.

Our runner’s bubble

By deploying our ‘runner’s bubble’ mindset during the day we can similarly block out unhelpful distractions. This simple technique helps to narrow our thoughts, stay focused, maintain energy and reduce stress levels.

Just like a runner, by focusing on our performance, we can regain control and avoid the distraction and pressure of unnecessary things that are competing for our attention.

Final thoughts

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to get caught up with everything and lose our sense of control. However, we do have a choice.

To take back control, think like a runner:

● Imagine a runner’s bubble around you all day
● View life and take decisions from within your bubble
● Keep a narrow focus on what’s important
● Exclude unnecessary distractions
● Achieve more with less effort
● Run life on your terms

The concepts in this article borrow from the RUN A BETTER LIFE mindset that I cover in more detail in my book.